Zane Fišele

Rendin mobile app & product

Rendin | 2020-2021
Branding and Visual Identity, UI/UX Design, Marketing Collateral Design

Rendin is an Estonian PropTech startup that aims to improve home rental experience by digitizing the rental process, building trust between landlords and tenants, and offering insurance-backed solutions.

My role and responsibilities:
•  Shape the identity of Rendin's brand by developing branding and style guide and setting in place a design system
• Ensure brand consistency across channels (social media, web, product)
• Design assets for digital marketing campaigns, digital and print marketing collaterals (posters, one-pagers, brochures)
• UI/UX design of the mobile app (product) and web

Mobile application

For the mobile application the goal was to understand the overall journey of Rendin users, enhance a product's usability and create an emotional connection between the end-user and a product.

The user experience should:
• Educate users about the product through a typical user journey
• Give a better control over the product
• Introduce Rendin tenant profile to those not ready to use the product

Product brochures

To help real estate agents to convert their clients faster and landlords to lock great tenants easier we created simple  product brochures that can be used during the viewing process or shared through online channels.

Rendin Tenant profile

One of the obstacles for tenants is to show to their future landlords that they are good and trustworthy people. To help solve this we created a Rendin Tenant profile - a personal renters curriculum vitae  that can be used while applying for a new home or shared on social media. We collaborated with the leading real estate agencies to bring Tenant profile life as part of a new standard on their websites. 

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